Specialist Stroke & Skill Clinics

Our Stroke and Skill Clinics are two hour pool sessions and are suitable for swimmers learning Stage 3 and above. A different stroke is covered each day, bookings are made per day, allowing swimmers to a choose a stroke they wish to focus on.
Our clinics provide a unique opportunity to work on a specific stroke as well as developing a range of skills through a carefully structured programme, appropriate to the Stage of the swimmer. The clinic aims to develop, improve and refine stroke technique/efficiency and skills, the skills taught include diving, starts and turns. Guidance, input and feedback will be communicated throughout the course to the swimmers, plus demonstrations by a former Great Britain swimmer.

Tue1st June2 HoursNorthwood College15:55 - 17:55Backstroke
Wed2nd June2 HoursNorthwood College15:55 - 17:55Breaststroke
Thu3rd June2 HoursNorthwood College15:55 - 17:55Butterfly
Fri4th June2 HoursNorthwood College14:55 - 16:55Frontcrawl

The aim of the diving aspect within the session is to improve the swimmers diving ability in all regards. The clinic includes teaching sitting dives through to racing dives, appropriate to the swimmers ability. The session will also introduce swimmers to competitive starts and if a swimmer already perform this competently, to further improve their starting and underwater technique.

The objectives of the turns aspect within the session is to introduce and improve the swimmers' turning ability in all regards, with a focus on tumble turns. If a swimmer already performs turns to a good standard then the next step would be to further improve their turning technique following into the breakout.

Drop off is at 3:50 PM and pick up at 6:00 PM. Covid regulations will be implemented, parents/guardians will not be permitted to stay on site, swimmers must arrive ‘beach ready’ (swimming costumes worn under clothing on arrival), showering is not permitted after the session.
Please ensure a bottle of water is brought to the session, as well as their usual swim kit.

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